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Skilled Lawyer for Social Security Disability Cases in Gulfport

Skilled Lawyer for Social Security Disability Cases in Gulfport
Social Security isn’t only for when you retire. Many disabled Americans rely upon Social Security disability benefits for their income. This might be the only compensation they earn if they are unable to work due to medical issues. There are two types of benefits allowed by the Social Security Administration: SSI, which stands for Supplemental Security Income, and SSDI, which is an acronym for Social Security Disability Insurance. The former is funding reserved for the elderly or disabled who are at or below poverty level. The latter is available to those who have worked but are no longer able to do so physically. It might seem as if you can simply apply for your needed benefit, but oftentimes the SSA rejects claims. A disability attorney in Gulfport can help you with your claim, and Andrew C. Burrell is a Social Security lawyer familiar with the SSA approval process.

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When you file a claim for benefits, you must meet certain criteria. Generally speaking, you must be unable to work, suffer from an impairment recognized by the SSA, be unable to perform your prior work and be unable to perform any other type of work. It’s tough to meet all of these requirements, and this is one reason why many people enlist the help of a disability lawyer. If your claim is denied initially, an attorney can help you file an appeal with the SSA in your efforts to secure the financial help you need.

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Mississippi Gulf Coast residents can trust Andrew C. Burrell to review their claim fairly. If you are unable to work and need the help of an attorney to pursue your claim with the SSA, call us at 228-896-4016. We are also a workers’ compensation lawyer.

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